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MBE - Johnson -Master Bedroom Project 
Didsbury Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Completion Date- December 2020

Clients Brief - To create a luxurious Hotel feel. 

Our Vision- Emperor bed with a high head board, bespoke fitted wardrobes. Lots of height to take advantage of the large high ceilings. 

Mirrored panels and gold accessories were used to create that Hotel luxurious feel, along with the sitting zone where my clients can enjoy a cup of tea in or just sit and read a book or newspaper in the mornings.  

MBE - Johnson -Snug room Project 
Didsbury Greater Manchester - United Kingdom

Completion Date- June 2020

Clients brief - to transform a current kids snug/play room, to accommodate the growing teenagers & young adults. This room was lacking storage so this was one of the main points we had to focus on.

Our Vision - to make sure the room accommodates and works well with both age groups. I wanted this room to be luxurious yet cosy for the teenagers to enjoy movie nights, games night or hosting friends at home. Ample seating & generous space for storage was crucial in this room so we needed to carefully select the two main pieces of furniture that would do just that.

Ayden & Lee Gill Project - Complete kitchen Extension 
Poyton Manchester, United Kingdom 

Completion Date -September 2021

Clients Brief- To create a flowing layout for this large open space.

Our Vision -To create 2 zones in this large open area.  Zone 1: TV zone | Zone 2: Reading/Chill out Zone.

Dr ZoeThurwell  - Entrance Makeover

Completion Date: November 2020

Clients Brief -To create an inviting entrance with some luxury elements, storage to help keep the kids shoes, school bags and coats tidy. 

Our Vision- Create a calming and inviting colour palette to give this entrance that cosy and welcoming feeling. By adding wallpaper & window furnishings the room felt warm and unified. On the 1st consultation I noticed this space required a storage system for shoes, coats and school bags if we were to be able to keep this area tidy and welcoming at all times. I decided to build a storage unit in an existing alcove by the front door. This space is one of my favourite entrances to date.