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About Us

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Lucia Robertson | Styled by Lu

Meet Lucia, your Designer

Welcome to “LV Interior Spaces” I hope you find some inspiration from my page. I pride myself in bringing a sense of balance and style into your home. No home is the same so I will uniquely work with you to transform the whole outlook of each space and help you bring your vision to life. 

LV Interior Spaces was formed during the first Pandemic lockdown in February 2020, However my 1st interior project came at a tender age of 17. I knew from a young age this was going to be the career path I would embark on. I have always been intrigued with interiors and how a space that is carefully designed can become a place of happiness, joy and calmness but most importantly a space that is functional to you and your family.   


I was born in Lima the Capital City of Peru. Growing up in Peru, I was introduced to our countries beautiful exotic, textured and handmade textiles. I was always intrigued at how a piece of fabric large or small can become something very special and unique, from cushions to bedding, curtains, upholstery to name a few. I was so blessed to have a very creative Mum who would always be happy to let me experiment with her fabric remnants and would go onto teach me how to sew from a tender age of 8. With a needle and thread and a piece of fabric in my hands I felt empowered at the idea of being able to create something unique and special. My vision and imagination have grounded me as a very popular designer. Since opening my business, I have had the pleasure of working on both residential and commercial projects around the world. 

I want to work with homes big or small, and for people to know that budget should not stop you from creating beautiful living spaces. Sometimes working with what you already have is much more rewarding. You may just need someone’s help to achieve the best possible finish within your home and that person could just be me. 

Lucia Vila-Robertson

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